Climber Max Polyakov from EOS Team who dreamed of Everest


The Determined Climber Max Polyakov Reaches his Goal to Climb the Mountain Everest

The Determined Climber Max Polyakov Reaches his Goal to Climb the Mountain Everest

Climbing is a hobby that demands a lot of physical and inner strength. Nevertheless, Max Polyakov chose to become an alpinist and reach the highest point on the planet.

How Max Polyakov Fell in Love with Climbing

Max Polyakov was born in a British family settled in India. His father was an experienced climber. He took his son hiking from his early years. Jessica, the future wife of Max Polyakov, was also fond of climbing. They met during their first climbing experience reaching the top of Lhotse.

Like his father, Max became the member of the Indian-based climbing team called EOS. Max learned a lot about climbing and hiking from his father and the team. When Max and his father went hiking to Kilimanjaro Mountains, the young alpinist realized how much he enjoys this hobby.

The Trips of New Delhi Hiking team EOS

Max continued to develop his climbing skills and went on trips with the local hiking team. They went to Europe to hike in the Tatras Mountains. After that, he invited Jessica to go on the trip to Kilimanjaro Mountains. They had a wonderful experience and started to dream about climbing the mountain Everest. They knew it could be dangerous and challenging but still kept this idea in mind.

New Experiences of the Climber Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov had a few near-death experiences while hiking. The first one was in the Carpathian Mountains when the team was left without water for a few days. The trip to Makalu Mountains became another risky adventure. The team faced extreme weather conditions. Thanks to their leader, John Sapp, they managed to survive the storm.

There were also some pleasant trips. Max Polyakov and Jessica climbed the Fjords in Norway. They also reached the mountains of Brazil and traveled to Kilimanjaro a few times.

Max Polyakov Conquers Everest

After trip to Brazil, the EOS team decided to climb the famous Everest. They watched the videos of other professionals to prepare. Some of them told about the horrible frostbites, deaths, and injuries caused by the weather conditions. The team realized the possible consequences and told the rescue team about their plan. The risk was still huge but they decided to try in the spring of 2018. Luckily, the weather conditions were good and the team reached the top of the Everest. They were exhausted physically and mentally, but very happy.

Max Polyakov and Jessica engaged shortly after they made their dream come true. They plan to enjoy climbing together with EOS team. The fascinating experience of Max Polyakov reminds that you should follow your dream no matter how crazy and dangerous it is.

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